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Signs From God

Signs from God

Today’s entry is slightly different. It’s actually audio from a talk I recently gave to 300 students at UCLA. Here is a bit about the talk, I hope you might give it a listen: People often ask me if God gives signs to help us believe in Him. Some people are just unsure, while others […]

Water Into Wine

Water Into Wine: Are You on Empty?

When was there a time you ran out of something you really needed? Was it money for rent? Perhaps gas while driving over a bridge? Maybe love for a spouse? We have all run out of important things at the wrong time – right when we need them the most, they escape us. It brings […]

Faith: Sticking Your Neck Out For Jesus

Faith: Sticking Your Neck Out For Jesus

Think about a time when you really stuck your neck out on the line. Think about a time when you believed in something so much that you did all you could to recruit to the cause. It could be that weekend trip that you are trying feverously to get your buddies to skip work for. […]