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DiscipleShift Book Review

We explore the book DiscipleShift, comparing it to other works like Exponential, to unpack the contribution it makes to Jesus’ larger call to discipleship.

Young Leader

How to be a Young Leader

Are you called to be a young leader, but struggle with authority? Or, as a leader, do you clash with the next gen? We explore scriptures view on the topic.



Dealing with the effects of porn has never been more important. Porn ruined five years of my life and it doesn’t have to take another day of yours.

Prayer Beads

Prayer Beads

In talking with many Christians regarding their spiritual disciplines, the issue I find that comes up the most is prayer.  Contemporary Evangelical Christianity, a stream to which many belong today, seems to have pushed so far away from orthodox Christian practices concerning prayer that many find it difficult knowing how and/or what to pray. I, […]

Bible Translation

Which Bible Translation Should I Use?

I frequently get asked which Bible translation I use and then to give recommendations; after all, there are a significant number of English translations of the Bible and it can be daunting wading through them all to find something that works for you.  That is what I feel is important in looking for a translation […]


A Relationship of Passion

No one likes being ignored.  Personally, as I’m sure many of you have also experienced, I have been lied to, stolen from, cursed, demeaned, cheated, and even physically harassed – but I would willingly go through any of those abuses over being ignored or treated with deliberate indifference.  When someone ignores you with an intent […]