Discipleship Relationships

Discipleship Relationships: Think Outside the Box

Discipleship is what we were made to do. When God uses something (discipleship) as His entire strategy for the salvation of the human-race, it’s worth taking notice. Today I want to share a story – the story of a discipleship relationship I accidentally fell into about a year ago. It’s become one of my favorite relationships revolving around discipleship and the funny thing is, in the past year we haven’t been together face-to-face… not even once. Let me will explain:

About 12 months ago one of my dear friends Shane, who lives in Canada, approached me. He has long worked in the business world and our friendship started out of a mutual love for the NBA. However, this conversation was sparked around sometime totally different – his passion for his faith. Shane had caught wind of how God was moving in my life and shot me an email with a few questions. He shared that he was spending his time worship leading at a Church, but for him something was still missing – he felt that worship was more than just the songs we sing on Sunday morning. This short series of emails sent back and forth began a relationship that today God is using in big ways.

Last week Shane and I jumped on skype (yes, I must admit I just recently figured out that calling Canada would allow AT&T to drain my bank account). I caught myself remarking in our conversation that our time spent together on a weekly basis, whether it was chatting back and forth over e-mail or meeting for a short convo online, was really being used by God to sharpen and direct us in big ways. We noted that 12 months ago we both had very different ideas for how God was using us and through our relationship we had learned a lot from each other about what it means to live with Christ. In the past, our o long e-mail strings focused on honing our understanding of discipleship, worship, prayer, theology and other hot-topic issues. At the very same time, we made sure that each other had time to talk about what they were struggling with in their walk and we each offered our best encouragement/analysis. To be honest, we probably have both written a book worth of emails, but in just 10 minutes or so a day, God stepped up huge in both of our lives though this rather odd discipleship relationship.

The reason I share all of this with you is to say, look for discipleship relationships no matter the circumstance. It doesn’t have to be from a Bible study or small group. It doesn’t have to be someone you met in Church. Shane and I prove that you can have a discipleship relationship almost anywhere – we just happen to have ours over email, living halfway across the planet from each other. I promise you, if you make the effort God will work in big ways through the relationship. After all, discipleship was the means by which God recaptured His people and I personally believe He shows up big-time whenever we spend time intentionally discipling each other.