Questions During The Journey

Questions During The Journey

I was driving into work one day this week and suddenly remembered how much I used to enjoy the game SIM City. I would design a magical city and watch it develop from just a few small steps into something really significant. As I reflected upon my youthful passion, I realized how much this is like our journey to faith. We make a decision to follow Jesus and then start growing and nurturing this decision. Just like the game though, there are moments where things occur in our lives that we have to spend time correcting and changing – a hurricane or tornado leaves us broken, needing to rebuild.  The reality is, the same exact circumstances play out in our journey to faith, as each and every person will go through times where we find it difficult to grow or are even forced to rebuild completely. The key to our sustained growth, however, is what we do to foster healing in our own life and in the lives of others. When we approach healing in the right manner, we can grow back stronger and move further down the road to where we want to be spiritually.

For me personally, I responded to a compelling message about Jesus at a Good Friday service in 1992. I was given a Bible and told “God Bless you, you made an awesome decision that will change your life.” The truth of the matter was… I had no earthly idea what to do next. It was as if my SIM city had just elected a new mayor, but the mayor wasn’t working with the people. Then, for me, when the tough times came, the lack of clarity and understanding of Jesus’ leadership in my life left me in a deep dark valley for over two years. I was stuck trying to find a way to even just articulate the basic questions that were brewing, with no one there to help me through my troubles.

As Christians, it’s important we look at both our spiritual journey and the spiritual journey of those around us and help God to take a role of leadership in the process. As we attempt to grow and see people make decisions of faith, we must remember it is the beginning, not the end, of a spiritually-centered relationship with that person. We need to take our role in their spiritual development just as serious as we take our own. We need to see to it that their questions are answered and they are discipled, just as you seek out people to help answer your own questions. For me, once I finally found someone to help, it literally took months to work through these questions with a local Pastor and, to this day, I am always seeking ways to foster every element of my spiritual life. And now, as I interact with others, I am sure that they always have an atmosphere in which I can minster the same way.

Do you have someone in your life helping you down your faith journey? What about the people around you – are you helping them through their questions?


I would love to hear further from you. Take a look at what is really  central to your relationships with other Christians – are you building around Christ effectively to maintain spiritual health or is there a lack of leadership in the journey? Really think on it and leave me a comment as to your experience below.