PurposeCity Teams

Why Join PurposeCity Pre-Launch Core Teams

Instead of diving into “why PurposeCity” again here, if you haven’t seen the vision video, I’d suggest you go take a look. It gives a Biblical account for why we are building PurposeCity. If you’ve seen it, we will skip on to the what to better explain ‘why’ you might want to join a team…

What: A New, but Biblical, Kind of Church

We want to see a new Church birthed in Tampa, a Church that resonates with people that are tired of the same ol’, same ol’. We believe that Sunday morning gatherings aren’t meant to be simply about staying spiritually nutritious. No, they are meant to be a time for equipping – a time to recharge for the mission that waits ahead. Therefore, PurposeCity Sunday gatherings aren’t a place where the goal is to simply blend in and worship witin your own personal pew. Instead, gatherings look a lot more like your local pub, except this is the type of pub where people gather together and interact – where they work through their spiritual issues from weeks prior and learn something that equips them for the week ahead. The gathering doesn’t just engage intellectually, but prepares people for action. Worship at PurposeCity is unique too. In America you can walk into just about any Church and find a similar worship pattern. However, what we now know is that there are 9 ways in which people engage with the Lord. Whether it is through song, the senses, artistry, nature, or something entirely different, utilizing all the different Biblically-based methods for worship can unleash people whose primary method isn’t music (worship songs) or intellectual discourse (sermons). This unique expression of worship PurposeCity utilizes isn’t aimed at being a trend or fad, but instead simply unleashing people to worship our Creator in the incredibly unique way they were created to.

What: A Local Focus

Church is a misunderstood word. We use it today to mean either a building or Sunday morning service. However, Church simply means the larger body of believers scattered. Therefore, by our misconceiving the true purpose of Church, we lose the essence of what Sunday morning should really be about. PurposeCity is, therefore, working to intentionally gather together people with a passion for both Jesus and discipleship within a local community. These groups then begin gathering with the purpose of serving their local area. PurposeCity isn’t looking to build one building somewhere that can seat tens of thousands of people – no, we want to see local gatherings birthed out of authentic communities who equip themselves to reach back into their own neighborhood.

What about reaching the larger city? While PurposeCity is keenly focusing on local gatherings that reach local communities, we see power that comes from connecting together a city for action. Therefore, while local PurposeCity gatherings will be a weekly occurrence, they will all be tied together intentionally – learning and serving together on the same planned out track. Additionally, while Sunday gatherings will often be local, from time to time the city will gather together as one body for worship. There is power when we all come together and assemble collectively as the Church distributed, worshiping our Creator as one.

What: A Place for Disciples

The core of PurposeCity is discipleship. Therefore, a special emphasis is placed upon both finding individuals someone to disciple, as well as a personal discipleship mentor. PurposeCity facilitates this process by grouping individuals into both one-on-one discipling relationships, as well as micro-groups. Therefore, as it is modeled throughout the Gospel, each individual not only has a mentor, but individuals they themselves are feeding into, and a micro-group in which they work through the rhythms of life. However, the number one issue people raise when asked why they aren’t reaching those around them is that they don’t feel equipped enough to do so – simply put, they don’t feel they know enough to do so. PurposeCity has developed a discipleship training program which equips individuals with the necessary tools needed for discipleship: testimony, scripture, and basic spiritual questions. This training process allows each and every follower of Jesus the confidence to stand boldly in their mission, regardless of educational stature.

Sound Interesting?

Does all this sound like the type of thing you would be interested in investing yourself in – being a part of a team that brings this movement to fruition? Hop on over to the location section and let us know so we can connect with you!