As a nonprofit organization, we at PurposeCity are thrilled when we have the opportunity to support other charity organizations that are working to do good in this world. One such organization is Free and Crowned, a designer headband company that donates 25% of their proceeds to organizations combating the epidemic of human trafficking. We encourage you to read more about the company below, and click-through to see more on their website.

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Help Free the Trafficked

The statistics are heartbreaking. There are 27+ million people sold into forced labor and sex trafficking, with the average age of a victim being just 12 years old. In response, Free and Crowned is donating 25% of the proceeds from every headband sold to incredible organizations combating this epidemic… because we believe that every woman deserves to be treated as royalty.

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Take a Stand

Join us and take a stand against human trafficking by purchasing a Free and Crowned headband. This new “crown” you wear will not only go towards freeing the enslaved and helping them to experience their worth, but it will serve as a constant (and fashionable!) reminder to every girl around that they too can be a part of the solution.

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